What's your Con schedule look like?

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Topic started 1 year ago

Con season is about to ramp up and I'm just wondering what everyone's con season looks like? Since I live in Colorado and really don't have the funds to go to out of state cons, I'm sticking to more local cons. Here's my con list:

~PantherCon (Colorado Springs)
~Colorado Anime Fest (Denver)
~Fan Expo (Denver)
~Nan Desu Kan (Denver)

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1 year ago

Well...that's a good question. Normally I hit Metrocon Tampa and Tampa Bay Comic Con each year....although last year soured some of my experiences with rough showings at both (a lot of extra chaos that I figured would have been resolved by them having the 2020 year off to plan, bad scheduling and the like). Certainly I'm not going to have any cosplays to wear if I go, and I'm not even sure I'll have the drive to go (again, the problems with last year were that bad). I suppose I'll have to think about it some more and decide at a later date. I've still got some time as I recall

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1 year ago

I'm working as an exhibitor at all the cons I'm attending, I think. My costume club will have a table at most cons in Maine, and these are the ones I plan to attend:

New England Toy and Record Show (Kittery)
Bangor Comic and Toy Con (Bangor)
Maine Cosplay Extravaganza (Portland)

Those cons I will be in regular street clothes with branded shirts from my club, or perhaps in one of my Star Wars costumes if I feel like it.

I might attend PortConMaine, this time just for fun. I'd love to debut my Team Fortress 2 BLU Soldier that I've been working on waaaaay too long. I might wear Princess Daisy, too. I don't know. It's not like I have a shortage of costumes to choose from.

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1 year ago

Confirmed ones so far are:

Colorado Anime Fest

I may swing more depending on funds. Doing to be making 3 new costumes this year and reviving some old ones.

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1 year ago

Nothing confirmed for me this year so far. Sakuracon is coming soon but I'm passing on that as all my friends are, too; even if they weren't not sure I'd be interested in going without friends. Some of my friends are thinking about trying PAX West this year but tickets won't be out for that until sometime after PAX East and it's far enough out it's still up in the air.

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1 year ago

I have three in a row. I usually wouldn't do that but with two years of no cons, I'm like I'm all in.


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1 year ago

If it makes you feel better, I don't do out town of cons myself. I was interested in doing one previously but didn't up doing it but I'm not opposed to doing that. As for my cons, it looks like March Comicon, Anime North, Fan Expo and Holiday Fan Days or the holiday market Pretty Heroes hosted last year (if they do it again this year, and not too far.)

Given the circumstances I wanted to up my game for (my) con season by going to more cons but had to cut it down due to funds and priority to the main ones (but I did want to give other cons a try though.)

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1 year ago

My cons this year are


and I will be bringing

Jotaro Kujo (Stone Ocean)
Mad Hatter (Once upon a Time)
Black Mage (Concept art between Digimon, Dr. Strange and FF9)
Rico Jr. (Dokapon Kingdom)
Steiner (Final Fantasy 9)

Originally I wasn't planning on going to ACEN due to money issues and depression, but I found a way to work it out. Also I'm making sure to attended conventions this year because this might be my last for awhile.

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1 year ago

I’m just excited for cons to be back up again. This’ll be my first year going to A-Kon (Irving), and I’ll likely be doing my usual volunteering at Comicpalooza (Houston)

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11 months ago

Already have tickets for Kumoricon in november, and I will probably also be going to RCCC and maybe Uwajiicon if that becomes a thing again.

I'm bringing Seraphims Blessing to Kumo as my competition build, and also something from Arcane if I can find the time.

For RCCC I have a duo Sabriel and Lirael cosplays from the Old Kingdom series planned as competition peices. I also want to make a casual Thoma if I can find the time.

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11 months ago

Seeing a lot of ACen love here! 😊 That’s my home con and I’m super excited to attend next month. I’m planning a new costume (Naraku from Inuyasha) but I’ve been *struggling* to get it done. Guess I’m out of practice. 🥲 For right now, ACen is the only one on my list. Gotta ease back into this lifestyle. 😅

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11 months ago

Right now, just Free Comic Book Day in May and potentially AnimeUSA in October. I've been losing weight and my "reward" for one of my MAJOR goals is to start going to cons again. It's also because I wanted to have a reason to go to Otakon and go to AUSA instead.

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11 months ago

So TampaBay Comic Con sent me an email and told me "William Shatner will be headlining our guests"....which got me thinking about going. Although I'd have to find a decent cosplay (I"m leaning towards an Andorian, but I may also go Vulcan since either would use up the last of my molding supplies) or just pay for it (a quick check showed a couple of options for $200 or so total).

Of course, this is also balanced by the fact that a photo with William Shatner is $100 in itself...and he was invited to headline back around 2017 and cancelled abruptly with no warning. So I'm not sure if it'd be worth the effort just to have him ditch.

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11 months ago

I'll be attending Fanime next month, then Stocktoncon and Sac-Anime summer(not attending "Sac-Anime spring")

Not sure about Lodi Comic Con but it's a maybe right now.

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11 months ago

so far just A-Kon and San Japan, because i do not have much money and local cons are fun.

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10 months ago

As I'm from Brazil I'll tell you some that I'll go this year, in case anyone is interested

- Anime Friends 2022 (São Paulo) July
- Brasil Game Show (São Paulo) October
- Comic Con Experience (São Paulo) December
- Ressaca Friends (São Paulo) December

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10 months ago

Just did the Calgary Comic Expo. Glad to be back for a full event!

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8 months ago

Didn't want to jinx it, because the last time I mentioned going to a con (in late February) it ended up getting cancelled a couple of weeks before the event.
But I finally got to attend my first con since the pandemic began! I attended Anime Expo a couple of weeks ago, and I have mixed feelings.

First, it was incredible to be once again showing up at the hotel with all of my cosplay gear and getting ready with my bestie every morning, and just hanging out and being away from real life for awhile. It felt like old times.

But as for the convention itself...I feel like it may have been better for me to make my return to the convention scene with a smaller event. The sheer amount of people was staggering. It felt way more crowded than when I last attended AX in 2016. There were points where it was almost impossible to move. And while most people were wearing masks, a lot weren't. Which wouldn't bother me too much in normal situations, but when we were crammed shoulder-to-shoulder with each other, there were points where I didn't feel comfortable and had to leave the area.

But so far, it seems I've made it out unscathed, and it was still a lot of fun! I'm hoping to go to another (smaller) con later this year, but that will depend on what the covid situation is like at that time. Here's hoping, though!

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8 months ago

In UK, did Southampton Con yesterday,

Retro Gaming and Anime Con (Portsmouth) August.

MCM London in October

Animangapop (Brighton) in November...

And any others i find inbetween :D

Im a Togger not a Cosplayer(yet) ;)

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8 months ago

not currently sure if I'll be doing more this year or not, but I'm definitely planning on going to Anime Magic! in Rosemont for all 3 days. I'm trying to slowly get myself back into the con mood, and to feel more comfortable at more clouded ones. I did a one day con at a local college this year, and Anime Magic is in its... i believe 3rd year? this year.

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6 months ago

LexiCon is just under three weeks away, AUSA is the following weekend, and my friend is trying to convince me to go to Nekocon a few weeks after that, but I'm not sure if I can swing the cost of that. And then probably Katsucon next year, since I'll have time to save up again. Otakon is definitely in the cards as well.

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