What is the best event in your country for you?

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Topic started 1 month ago

What is your favorite event in your country? introduce me, I'm looking for events to take a vacation trip to.

This is also useful for anyone who wants to participate in new events.

I will start with me:

Event: Anime Friends
Thematic: Cosplay
Local: São Paulo - Brazil
What is the reason?
The biggest anime event in south america, being the only one that brings many international attractions.

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1 month ago

The best one I've attended was a gaming event, with all the official developers from Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, etc. The event was celebrated in Madrid and the name is Games Week. I think they also do a Barcelona edition.

You can play games there before they are out, so you know if you'll like them and buy them, or not. They also have cosplay contest and cool photocalls.

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