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Hi everyone! ✨
Happy to see that the forums are back. It'd be nice to meet other cosplayers from all around the globe, whether you're just starting or have been around for years. What better way to start than with a short intro?
I'd love to know more about you guys and see what everyone has been up to in the cosplay world over the years!

Here's a template to help out. 💖 Blank version is underneath.
Name: The name you go by
Pronouns: Your pronouns
Social Media: List where we can find you on SNS
Specialties: Sewing, Crafting, Prop making, Makeup, Wig styling, Photography/editing, etc
How long have you been cosplaying?: How many years have you been cosplaying? Experience level?
Your favorite cosplay you've done: Tell us your fave
Most recent cosplay you've done: What's the most recent cosplay you've done
Other: Anything else? Maybe talk about contests you've entered/won, your favorite series, where you're from, etc!

Blank 💖
Social Media:
How long have you been cosplaying?:
Your favorite cosplay you've done:
Most recent cosplay you've done:

I'll start! ✨
Name: V
Pronouns: They/Them
Social Media: fvrrons on Twitter, Instagram, Cosplay dot com, and Original Glaze. fvrronscosplay is my cosplay specific twitter. are all of my links.
Specialties: Wig styling, makeup, graphic design and editing. Just started sewing, crafting/prop making this year.
How long have you been cosplaying?: Since 2008-2009 casually, but as of 2020, I've picked it up as a hobby!
Your favorite cosplay you've done: Noé Archiviste from The Case Study of Vanitas
Most recent cosplay you've done: Oberon Vortigern from FGO (Fate/Grand Order)
Other: HI! I'm V, a graphic designer and hobbyist cosplayer residing in the eastern US. I adore cosplay and am quickly learning more skills on the sewist and prop making side. ☺ I've placed in 2nd at the Momocon Winterfest 2021 hall costume contest. 🎉 Hoping to compete in a judged competition and hone my craft even more in 2022. My upcoming cosplans include Ashura from Onmyoji and Antarcticite from Houseki no Kuni; plan to make both myself. My favorite series is Final Fantasy XIII and I hope to cosplay from it one day. One of my dream cosplays is Bartz Klauser from FFV. Nice to meet you all! 💖💖💖🥰

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1 year ago is back, this is so wild xD

Name: Shiva
Pronouns: she/her

Social Media:
FB and IG: sketchandshivacosplay

Specialties: Fabric costume construction is my strong suit; I really focus on replicating the overall shape/silhouette of a garment as accurately as possible to the source material.

How long have you been cosplaying?
Since 2003 (18 years o_O)

Your favorite cosplay you've done:
Summoner Belgemine from FFX,
Princess Zelda from Hyrule Warriors

Most recent cosplay you've done:
Robin Sena from Witch Hunter Robin

Other: I love remaking costumes from my early cosplay days with my current skill set and in non-COVID times I remade a couple every year.

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1 year ago

Hello !
Name: Luciole Sombre
Pronouns: she/her
Social Media: Instagram (luciole.sombre) Facebook (Roses Noires & Luciole Sombre)
Specialties: craft and paint I guess
How long have you been cosplaying?: since 2013
Your favorite cosplay you've done: Pennywise and Harley Quinn
Most recent cosplay you've done: Harley Quinn
Other: I began with my best friends in 2013. Our very first cosplays was Alice (her) and Alyss (me) (don't expect to see pic of this 😂).
In 2013, I never thinked that cosplay will become so important in my life.
Also, I love made human version of animal characters : Kindred Wolf (LOL), Nevermore (RWBY).

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1 year ago

Nice to meet everyone.

Name: Carrie

Pronouns: She/Her

Social Media:

Specialities: sewing, crochet, photography

How long have you been cosplaying? I never outgrew playing dress up.

Your favourite cosplay you’ve done: Sarah Sanderson

Most recent cosplay you’ve done: Alice in Wonderland

Other: I’m really getting in Historybounding and am enjoying making historic versions of characters. During the first lockdown I started a YouTube channel. Pardon the plug, but if you like cosplay, crochet, and Historybound, please check out my channel. Link above.

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1 year ago

Name: Pip

Pronouns: they/them

Social Media: Piperonni_Cosplay on Instagram and TikTok.

Specialties: painting/detail work and hand sewing

How long have you been cosplaying?: Since 2006

Your favorite cosplay you've done: Tanjiro from Demon Slayer. It's comfortable, I love how I look and he's one of my favorite characters of all time.

Most recent cosplay you've done: The last finished cosplay that we made together was Lio Fotia from Promare. I also thrifted Reki Sk8 the Infinity.

Other: Most of my cosplays are made by my partner, Kaz. I help out with detail work and painting, but they are the craftsman. Slowly they've been teaching me how to sew and I've gotten pretty good at hand sewing.

I discovered cosplay in high school and, as an artistic person, quickly latched on and dove headfirst into learning as much as I could about it.

I met my partner Kaz about four years into the hobby. Kaz handles most of the heavy duty sewing and prop making, while I handle the detail work and painting. Together we've delved into leather work, sewing, foam work, 3D printing, resin casting and alteration. We've tackled cosplays from every genre including television, movies, video games, anime, manga and original characters.

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1 year ago

Name: Mira Scarlet

Pronouns: She/Her

Social Media:
FB, IG, Youtube, Tiktok, Pinterest- @mirascarletcosplay
Twitter- @mirascarletcos
Twitch- mirascarlet

Specialties: Sewing is my main specialty, but I'm a jack of all trades

How long have you been cosplaying?: 10+ years

Your favorite cosplay you've done: Mei (Lunar Skin, Overwatch)

Most recent cosplay you've done: KFC Noelle (Genshin Impact)

Other: Most of my cosplay choices come from anime and video games! I love to sew and have made over 50 costumes since I began teaching myself in 2012, which started with help from the forums :) I've been a full time content creator since 2018 and live stream my work weekly on Twitch, make videos for Youtube and do most of my own photography these days. I've recently gotten into Vtubers and am working on my first cosplay based on a streamer named Saruei! Some of them have some insanely cool designs and that's been a fun inspiration lately!

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1 year ago

Name: Angel
Pronouns: She/her
Social Media:
Specialties: Jewelry and extreme costume planning.
How long have you been cosplaying?: Since 2010
Your favorite cosplay you've done: Botan from Yu Yu Hakusho and Asirpa from Golden Kamuy
Most recent cosplay you've done: Asirpa from Golden Kamuy by one week.
Other: I also sew historical costumes for fun and my cosplay partner is my husband.

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1 year ago

Being here is a lovely trip down memory lane!

Name: Internet handles are a little bit of everything, so Manticore is fine! (My u.n. here will change eventually if I stick around).

Pronouns: She/Her is fine

Social Media: brown_manticore_cosplay on Instagram

Specialties: I don't think I ever managed to develop a specialty other than messing up spectacularly but pushing through lol! Props are my weakness however, as I never really had the funds to make things without much but cardboard being involved, and now they really intimidate me!

How long have you been cosplaying?: I think I made my first cosplay in 2006? I had a store bought costume for a few years before I made my first.

Your favorite cosplay you've done: Fran from FFXII and Taokaka from BlazBlue. Both were some of my earliest cosplays and one of the last, as I remade Taokaka not long before my long time away from costuming.

Most recent cosplay you've done: I'm currently working on Eileen the Crow from Bloodborne (a little ambitious but I'm committed!). My most recent costume was a Ren faire costume that still isn't complete beyond the basic pieces.

Other: This is the first time in my life I'm able to afford to make things in the ways I've always wanted to, with more expensive fabric types, leather, etc, and to be able to experiment without fear of completely wasting my funds. I'm both equally dreading and excited by this prospect.

It's been about six years since I last went to a con or made something more complicated than a pair of pants. Like I said, I'm extremely nervous but excited to get back into it, especially given how much the cosplay community has changed.

Also, for some reason I had a moment where I deleted everything off of my account here, so that's why my profile is so empty. I wish I hadn't, but it's okay. I have most of the pics and things on my computer still.

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1 year ago

Hi everyone! I'm thrilled to see that the site works again! it was my first website / blog and I am very fond of it.
well what about me ...

Name: Giulia
Nickname: my first nickname was BakaTeme 5927, later in BakaTeme cosplay
but mostly I call myself Noel.

Social/media: Tumblr BakaTeme cosplay Ko-fi

Country: Italy
I'm very bad at languages so if you find any mistakes it's my translator's fault and my laziness hahaha.
Specialties: I sew, I create by hand everything I can do.

How long have you been cosplaying? been cosplaying since about 2008/2009 and I never get tired!

First cosplay: My first cosplay was Allen Walker from D.Gray-man

Most recent cosplay you've done: the latest made is Shaoran Li From Card Captor Sakura Clear Card. But i also sewed Sakura.

Your favorite cosplay you've done: I love all my cosplay but what brought me the most satisfaction was probably the chocobo, the emotions I gave to others were the biggest reward.

Other: I love to draw and I would like to dedicate myself to photography in my free time.A nd also playing video games of course haha!

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1 year ago

Blank 💖
Name: MaeGwyn/Mae

Pronouns: She/Her

Social Media: @Maegwyncosplay on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube

Specialties: Sewing, wig styling, performing

How long have you been cosplaying?: Since 2012. My very first cosplay was Nausicaa from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

Your favorite cosplay you've done: I really love my Sakura Hime cherry blossom gown that I made. But I also love my Priestess Dia and my Aion no Uta Emma costumes (to be posted here yet).

Most recent cosplay you've done: The most recent cosplay I've completed was my Aion no Uta Emma. I finished in the summer of 2021.

Other: At the moment I am working on Beserker of Black from Fate Apocrypha, World Changer Miki Hoshii from Idolmaster and Opal from Critical Role: Exandria Unlimited.

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1 year ago

Hi everyone!
Name: Becca or B
Pronouns: she/her
Social Media: @beccasbookishblog - IG
@beccasbookishblogs - TikTok
Specialties: Honestly I have no idea what to say here, but I guess one of the reasons I got into cosplay is to practice my acting skills, which can be listed as a specialty! I also do a lot of closet cosplays so I guess styling everyday clothes is another thing if that counts. :)

How long have you been cosplaying?: I actually started last year, so not very long!

Your favorite cosplay you've done: My favorite probably is Luna Lovegood, but my go-to character is Mare Barrow!

Most recent cosplay you've done: Luna Lovegood!

Other: At the moment I'm planning some bigger, MCU-themed cosplays that I'm very excited about. I'm also excited to be a part of this community and meet more people through the cosplay world. If you ever wanna chat about cosplay, books, TV shows, or whatever DM me on Instagram and I'll happily talk with you! I'm also really looking forward to learning new skills in the future, especially sewing.

Have a lovely day everyone!

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1 year ago

Name: Lex Lunar

Pronouns: They/Them

Social Media:
Insta @TheLastBlackMoon
TikTok @TheLastBlackMoon
Facebook @TheLastBlackMoonLexLunar

Specialties: Makeup, Sewing.

How long have you been cosplaying?: Two Years as of May 24, 2022.

Your favorite cosplay you've done: I'm in love with my Sailor Mars and Sailor Uranus.

Most recent cosplay you've done: Sailor Mars at Katsucon 2022.

Other: My dream is to move back to Japan and cosplay there!

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1 year ago

Name: Lau

Pronouns: he/they

Social Media: 555.lau on instagram!

Specialties: Uhh i don't particulary have one, I guess managing to do stuff with the little stuff I can get, I mostly make my own props myself tho so i guess I could say crafting and painting? I'm still a total newbie haha

How long have you been cosplaying?: I've oficially started cosplaying in October 2021!

Your favorite cosplay you've done: My Spider-Man Beyond suit is always a joy to take at conventions, but I really like how much effort and time I've been putting to my Quote cosplay

Most recent cosplay you've done: Kamen Rider Ichigo at Frikifest 2022

Other: I'm planning to make Mega Man X and Vigilante cosplays this year, I'm really in the need of getting a black bodysuit because that would help me A LOT with a lot of the 300 cosplay ideas I have in mind. In the near future I'd like to cosplay anime characters with battle armors or Kamen Riders.

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1 year ago

Name: DirectorFury or just Fury on here please!

Pronouns: All

Social Media: I don't have any that I actually post stuff on

Specialties: Sewing probably, it's one of the only things I have ever felt like I actually had knack for, and also using weird materials to put together props

How long have you been cosplaying?: Officially since 2018, my first cosplay was Bedelia from Princless, which I made myself for a convention, but I had been making baby cosplays as Halloween costumes for years prior to that.

Your favorite cosplay you've done: I think it has to be my princess Mononoke costume. It's not the most comfortable or practical costume I have, but it just looks so good. It was also my first competition win, and I am super proud of all the work I put into it, over almost a year, to get it to be what it is!

Most recent cosplay you've done: Technically I think it was Severus Snape, but I was also finishing him at the same time as Mononoke, and I also just made a sort of cosplay related fairy costume, so who even knows at this point

Other: I have a couple big competition builds I am working on right now, including Sakizo's Seraphims Blessing that I am making for Kumoricon, along with the dance skit for it, and maybe even a lipsync, as well as duo Sabriel and Lirael cosplays for RCCC. For more casual plans I def want to do something from Arcane, probably young Vi or Jinx, as wells as a casual Thoma from Genshin impact.

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1 year ago

Name: Doom Cosplay
Pronouns: he/him
Social Media: Doom Cosplay (fb) | cl_doom (instagram)
Specialties: prop-making, electronics
How long have you been cosplaying?: 2010-2011
Your favorite cosplay you've done: Doomguy (Doom)
Most recent cosplay you've done: one of the many upgrades/reworks for my Doomguy cosplay (been improving it for A LOT of years)
Other: I'm currently planning more upgrades for my costume (shoulder cannon and a new weapon are the bigger ones), after that I think I'll try something new (I've been thinking about Vile from the Megaman X series, but I'm not sure)

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1 year ago

Name: Nnie

Pronouns: She/They

Social Media: (Insta) @jae.nnie.bach

Specialties: Painting props

How long have you been cosplaying?: Started around 2017, on and off.

Your favorite cosplay you've done: I only have a few right now, don't make me choose!!

Most recent cosplay you've done: Jinx <3

Other: I am not a pro photographer, but I love setting up and taking my own pics when given the chance. You'll probably see a mix of images in my account, some taken by me, some taken professionally.

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1 year ago

Can't believe this is the spanking new website that i joined last time!

Name: Honey

Pronouns: She/her

Social Media: i don't have one. I have a curecos/worldcos acc before but i've deleted it.

Specialties: Not sure what im good at. I like organizing big group cosplay. Im an amateur when sewing my own costume. I like editing photos.

How long have you been cosplaying?: since 2006

Your favorite cosplay you've done: Definitely my jester Harley Quinn from Batman TAS

Most recent cosplay you've done: I cosplayed Talia Al Ghul with my husband as Batman and my toddler as Damien! Robin for Halloween last year.

Other: Hello i'm a cosplayer from Malaysia. Happily married and have a son. I'm a business owner. I miss this website. I've been in a lot of other cosplay sites but i would always comeback to this one. I just love the forum sections. Most of the time I'm just lurking around. But i get tons of useful infos from here. Hopefully the site will be 100% function soon.

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1 year ago

Name: Lydia/Mizuki

Pronouns: They/Them

Social Media: TW: @kuromizuki13 IG: new cosplay one @kuromizuki13 and personal @gayrainbowbacon13

Specialties: I'm still new at making my own stuff but I guess I'd have to say crafting props? Like knives, painting shoes, accessories, etc.

How long have you been cosplaying?: casually for about 8 years? But I'm hoping to get more serious about it and get better!
Your favorite cosplay you've done: Keith from Voltron. I felt like all the props turned out pretty nice so I was happy about that. That and it was fun :)

Most recent cosplay you've done: Kyo from Fruits Basket and Ramuda from Hypnosis Mic

Other: I'm hoping to get more into this group and learn lots of tips and tricks since I'm pretty bad at wig styling and new to sewing xD

Nice to meet you all!

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1 year ago

Name: Leonam, but you guys can call me Leon or Leo
Pronouns: He/Him
Social Media: Instagram (lionheartcosplay10), Amino (L30N4M), Facebook (Lionheart Cosplay and Leon Hart), Discord (Leonhardt#6902) and Originalglaze (Lionheartcosplay)
Specialties: Photography/editing, 3D modelling props
How long have you been cosplaying?: 4 to 5 years (Late 2017) Intermediate to expert (in certain areas such as cosplay positivism, acting, and so on
Your favorite cosplay you've done: Soldier:76 and Ritsuka Fujimaru (Male)
Most recent cosplay you've done: Fujimaru Arctic Exploration
Other: A nerd of multiple stuff such as games, electronics, consoles, cosplay, animes, cars, trains, animes and so on

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1 year ago

Name: Apoca
Pronouns: He/him
Social Media: IG - @apócaofc
Specialties: heavy cosplay (i loveee)
How long have you been cosplaying?: three years
Your favorite cosplay you've done: Kimimaro (Naruto)
Most recent cosplay you've done: Yuu (Owari no Seraph)
Other: I found this site by chance, I want to improve my cosplays with your tips.
In addition to forming new friendships as well.
(I'm from Brazil)

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1 year ago

Name: Melissa /Meli
Pronouns: She/Her
Social Media: TikTok: uchihameli.cos Insta: meliiuchiha
Specialties: photography and editing ( learning how to style my wigs, and making props)
How long have you been cosplaying?: I’ve been cosplaying since 2021
Your favorite cosplay you've done: Mikasa Ackerman since it was for my first con
Most recent cosplay you've done: Elizabeth of Lionés and Shinobu Kochou

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