How to find Photographers?

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Topic started 10 months ago

So I've been out of the cosplay game for a long time, and even when I was involved I never had a photoshoot done that wasn't my mother lol. I'm trying to locate photographers near to or that travels to the few cons I plan to attend, or photographers who would meet at locations for shoots. But I have no idea how to go about finding these people. Is it all Facebook? Con forums? I'm sorry if this is comes across as a really basic or silly question but I'm absolutely lost lol.

Before anyone suggests taking photos for myself, I know this is an option, I just don't currently have the equipment or the know-how, but maybe someday. No friends with the hobby/profession either.

Again, I'm sorry if this is kinda basic knowledge, I'm just really out of the loop when it comes to social media and how the cosplay photography world works.

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10 months ago

Well, the easiest way to find photographers is at events.

I recommend that you ask everyone to contact you and see the price and quality of each photo they take.

About them taking a photo for free is quite relative, usually they take more of the women because they can sell the photos, or if the cosplay is very professional too.

But I, for example, met a lot of super cool photographers who didn't choose people or characters, but wanted to promote their work.

Good luck and cosplay to be happy :)

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10 months ago

For me personally I'm more interested in paid shoots with folks either at the cons or elsewhere, so I can actually book their time and pay for their services, meet at locations, etc. Finding folks who aren't creeps is also a factor, unfortunately.

I should also have mentioned that what events I do go to is one to three max a year, with three being incredibly unlikely, and only for one or two (again, unlikely) days. So trying to track down photographers the day of wouldn't be terribly viable. That being said I'll keep that in mind and, whenever do go to a con again, I'll try to keep an eye out, thank you.

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10 months ago

You might just Google "photo studio" and put in your location. I know of at least 2 'stand-alone' (places in strip malls or such) photography studios that I see when I'm driving about. I doubt very much they wouldn't mind going to do a shoot on location, but I've never had a cosplay I felt good enough about to want to do a shoot like that. You might also check for wedding photographers, who are in between scheduled shoots and might have an opening to do a 1 day shoot somewhere. I know I've got a cousin in the Midwest whose husband is a wedding photographer and he takes on athletic team, prom and graduation shoots just to fill in the book (and the checking account). When I mentioned he could make a lot of shoots quick at a con, he told me he would probably do that too if his schedule allowed.

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10 months ago

(since I can't find an edit button) As an addition, I'd point out that if you call a wedding photographer/studio, make sure you're VERY CLEAR about what you're trying to do, so you don't get told the wrong price or have the wrong expectations from you or them.

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10 months ago

If you have a friend who takes photos is the best option.

I take my own photos now, though. I learnt how to do it since the quarantines in 2020.

Sometimes I asked my friends to take photos of me in costume with my camera, too.

BTW love your Taokaka cosplay

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10 months ago

What works for me everytime is to find the facebook group for the con you're going to and either check and see if some photographers have posted availability/prices or make a post requesting photographers. Usually, on the facebook group of the con your going to Photographers post a description of their services and fees to get some people to sign up. Check the quality of their work, reviews if they have them and the professionalism of their website. That helps me and they've all been great!

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10 months ago

The only time I've had paid photography done I found the photographer on FB. It's been years but it was most likely from them posting in the group for the convention I was attending. You can search for local photographers on your own but if you check the groups for whatever convention you're looking at going to you should find plenty of photographers advertising their stuff. I think it'd be much easier to look through those as you know they're familiar with the cosplay/con scene and will actually be at the con, instead of reaching out to random local photographers who may not be in the scene at all.

As a note you may have to look for "unofficial" con groups. Sakuracon years ago decided to ban any commercial activity from their official FB group so photographers advertising wasn't allowed (though it looks like this past convention they stopped enforcing that?) so most of the photographers moved to the unofficial group instead.

You could probably also try other forms of social media, I would assume mostly IG, but I don't really use those so I can't speak for how successful you'd be.

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10 months ago

I see a lot of people promoting on Facebook event's groups that they made for the actual event. A lot of people charge now as opposed to years back but I do see some people offering limited slots for free. I just recommend looking at their past work and seeing how it came out cause some people will charge a lot and not offer a whole lot. So make sure it's worth the price and see what other people of similar skill level are charging.

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10 months ago

I booked con shoots (as a photographer) for many years on this site, but due to the pandemic and the lack of messaging (which I hope returns soon) I had to stop. Another thing is that cons are usually not great locations (Anime North is pretty bad in this respect, though FanExpo has a lot of nice places nearby), so recently I mostly focused on dedicated photoshoot sessions. I'm not great or anything special so I don't charge (but I'm not that terrible either). I have quite a few photos in my port here so if anyone in Toronto is interested feel free to give me a shout at [email protected]

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9 months ago

Besides all the other suggestions mentioned here, one other piece of advice I have is a bit of forward planning. Go to the con, and if you see a cosplay photographer that looks approachable, walk up to them after a shoot and ask for a "business card" or other contact information. Most will spare the time to give you the information. Once you have that information, you can ask them in the future.

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