Holiday 2022 Thread

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It's that time of year again folks, so lets share what we're doing this holiday season. Anything you are excited about giving or receiving? Any New Year's Resolutions? Anything else you'd like to share?

I'll start us off. I have to work Christmas Eve this year which stinks, and I'll be coming home to an empty house as my family is going to visit relatives. Thankfully we are closed Christmas day, and I do have New Years and New Year's Eve off which will be nice. My brother will be gone New Years Eve and most of New Years day though, which makes the holiday hard to celebrate. I'm celebrating X-mas with one side on the 23rd and the other side on Christmas day. I won't be travelling too far thankfully since the weather is supposed to be awful.

I was actually able to get my siblings' gifts for free due to winning sweepstakes, which helped a ton since money is tight. My sister is getting a gift card for Uber / Uber eats since she's without a vehicle at the moment. My brother is getting gift cards for coffee and gas. For my mom I chipped in for a rack to store firewood that she wanted. My dad and my friend both got Walmart gift cards because they're hard to buy for, and I know those will at least get used. As a bonus everyone got some Papa Murphy's coupons thrown in with their gifts because I am swimming in them and couldn't possibly use them all.

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2 months ago

Always love this thread ♥.

A bit late, but I had a hang out with a few friends before Christmas and we bought each other gifts: I got friend A a Jotaro keychain from the Jojo series, a Belle mug for work for friend B (told us she was looking for a mug for work) and friend C is going to get a few pins and a Genshin streamer keychain thingy with Diluc on it since that's her favourite (I have one with Kaeya and it occurred to me that we match lmao).

Family got the works such as clothes, candles, pajamas etc. and I had made cupcakes for this year. The celebration wasn't the most grandiose one but I'm okay with that at this point. I got the Divoom speaker and Jojo part 5 Vol. 2 and the works like clothes, pajamas etc. In the lead up to Christmas I did the usual cleaning up and cooking and sprucing the place up and whatnot.

In the new year I hope to continue working and polishing up my art in hopes that I can get a job in art or at least get on the map somehow, but I am open to call backs up from other places I've applied and looking at other places like the card shop since I'm a huge fan of the Yugioh series and being a total nerd looks like a good place to be.

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2 months ago

I got a Joann gift card and one of those handheld sewing devices for when I go to cons and cant bring my actual machine. I also got a new job at Joann, so yay for cheaper fabrics!

That's about all of my holiday that had to do with cosplay though. I don't have any friends in my area into making cosplays.

Other than that, I think I did well choosing gifts. One of my nieces and one of my cousins kids both were obsessed with the gifts I gave them. My niece's gift actually worked even better as her sister got a similar thing but different design, just by chance. And my cousin had to leave so her son could get into what I got him.

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2 months ago

Didn't answer the New Years Resolution bit: I've actually lost quite a bit of weight in the last year, so my goal is going to get more in shape now. I figure doing that would help me get the last little bit of fat off and get me feeling better about myself and in cosplay.

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1 month ago

For Christmas I received:

-3 pairs of pants, hot chocolate, and a gas gift card from my mom
-a Steam gift card from my brother (used to buy Inscryption and Buddy Simulator 1984)
-a book from my sister (W.I.T.C.H. adventure book Heartbreak Island)
-Cheetos, Pistachios, chocolate covered popcorn, chocolate covered chips, and gloves from my dad.

My new years resolution was to start brining my own lunch to work & school to save money, and so far it has been going well. I slipped at school a couple times but ending up switching to online classes so I won't have the temptation anymore.

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