Does someone else prefers to stay more on international cosplay scenario rather than staying in the national cosplay scenario?

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Topic started 8 months ago

Since the pandemic began and saw some masks falling off and friends that were not really true ones besides one of my fandoms that I make part is very small (Fate series), I ended up going to the overseas cosplay scenario and usually feeling better since I made plenty of friendships abroad and wishing to meet them someday. Do you guys relate that situation?

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7 months ago

I can relate to wanting to meet fellow cosplayers I met online who live a great distance away if that's what you mean. I can also relate to leaving your current area to cosplay further out. I can't say I've been outside of the continental United States, but I have traveled hundreds of miles beyond my reach many times for conventions and every time I meet new people who genuinely share the same love for things that I do, in that way I share that feeling tremendously.

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7 months ago

I actually started that way because cosplay community in my country is overly toxic and full of posers. Here, most cosplayers only do cosplay of the "current thing" and mostly for competition in rigged contests, not even for cosplay groups, which is understandable.

Sometimes, they don't even know or care about the characters or the source. And they copy each other, so half of the country is cosplaying the very same thing, lol.

You can also find cosplayers copying certain cosplayers style and cosplays, which is creepy.

So if I wanted to know cosplayers who were real fans of the character they are cosplaying and the source, they are easier to find online.

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5 months ago

I do prefer other countries event than my own cause of the content is very different from my local events. My country doesn't have any official disney or warner bros booths etc. No nintendo or sony booths either. It's pretty boring with cosplay idols only. So i often go to neighboring countries for those kind of contents.

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