Does someone else prefers to stay more on international cosplay scenario rather than staying in the national cosplay scenario?

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Topic started 3 weeks ago

Since the pandemic began and saw some masks falling off and friends that were not really true ones besides one of my fandoms that I make part is very small (Fate series), I ended up going to the overseas cosplay scenario and usually feeling better since I made plenty of friendships abroad and wishing to meet them someday. Do you guys relate that situation?

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1 week ago

I can relate to wanting to meet fellow cosplayers I met online who live a great distance away if that's what you mean. I can also relate to leaving your current area to cosplay further out. I can't say I've been outside of the continental United States, but I have traveled hundreds of miles beyond my reach many times for conventions and every time I meet new people who genuinely share the same love for things that I do, in that way I share that feeling tremendously.

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