Do you know what i find to be the greatest thing about the Cosplay world?

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The all encompassing love and acceptance...

Since ive started togging at Cons ive seen Cosplayers and fans of Cosplayers:

Not caring what race you are
The colour of your skin
Your makeup/costume skill levels
if you dance like a diva or a string puppet
If you're tall or short
Skinny or an extra box of donuts or 3 (thats me :D )
What gender you are or aren't
What your sexuality is
Old or young...

Now look at the world outside Cosplay, all the vile hate spouted on social media and irl by so called Fans of most sports, movies etc especially when it involves a person of a particular minority or sexuality speaking up for themselves or others less fortunate than them. Or when a movie pulls a gender/race switch on an original character. They all act like the entire world is gonna end and eternal damnation is just around the corner :/

Cosplayers need to lead this world and save it :)

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14 hours ago

I've heard stories (I recall a series on Scifi channel that had some darker aspects of cosplay, like a couple folks bullying) but never had much problem with it myself. In fact, I've got a pretty good story about the acceptance part myself:

I had made a Gundam out of EVA foam and was set to do the cosplay event at Metrocon back in....2015 or 2016 I think. As I was waiting, the glue started to fail on a couple of parts and the folks around me pulled out their kits and stuck pins into the secure the pieces that were visibly stressed. The temporary repairs lasted long enough for me to take the walk on stage, and then the glue finished failing a couple of days later (transport in the hot sun was not good for it). Still, the fact that random strangers were willing to help out another random stranger will never really leave me.

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