Cosplay Photographer Kevin Lillard passes away

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Topic started 4 months ago

The well known cosplay photographer Kevin Lillard passed away recently. He will be missed.

I remember meeting him once at a con, though that was many years ago. What are everyone elses thoughts on the matter?

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4 months ago

This is a sad day. Kevin will always be a true icon of the hobby, and a rare, yet thankfully wide-open window into the early years of cosplay from a fan perspective.

I met him back at Anime Central in 2002, and talked with him at dozens of conventions since, and the one thing I will always remember is he always took time to say hello and chat for a few minutes, but then excused himself to dive right back into the fray and photograph as many cosplayers as he could. And to this day so many cosplayers recall him as the one they could always count on to have at least one photo of them somewhere in his massive post-event gallery.

Kevin is and will remain the early pioneer of cosplay convention photography. And on top of that, he was that friendly, pleasant soul we can all aspire to be. He’ll be greatly missed.

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4 months ago

I definitely remember seeing him at cons. Didn't really know him personally but I know he was loved by a lot of people.

Sad to hear of his passing. :(

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4 months ago

Back when Kevin's personal cosplay photograph website (A Fan's View) was still up and running, He managed to take a pic of me in the background of one of the shots during the dinner with the guests at Sakura-con.

I was honestly surprised when i saw it on the site, since he was taking photo's of the guests of honor while they were having dinner and I was sitting in the table right behind of the guest he photographed, but the great thing is it appeared in the personality of the week.

Unfortunately since A Fan's View closed its doors, and with Kevin's passing its now nothing but a memory. But its still a good one nonetheless.

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4 months ago

Kevin took some of the first ever pics of my cosplays back in 2000.

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3 months ago

I always looked forward to his photos, it was the highlight of my after-con photo hunt experience! Many many times he was the only reason I had a photo of myself, including my very first con when I wasn't even in cosplay, but in the background of a cosplayer I then met later on lol. Those accidental candid shots were also great, and having the summary of the con and the events that went on. Let me tell you that as the years went by and my memory would get fuzzy, I'd hop back over and browse through his site to job my memory!! I only met him once, on the way from the airport to an Ikkicon years back, but he was super nice and I will truly miss his contributions to fandom. Rest in peace, dude.

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