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Decided on Collei from Genshin for Anime North and was wondering how to go about making her bow? I've looked up several tutorials for bows and found this one (linked below) as it points me in the right direction. Would 10 mm eva foam be okay to use, along with 6 and 2mm for detail? I also have 1 1/2" insulation foam leftover as well.

I've also looked up my con's prop policy for bows and says to keep it unstrung so I don't need to worry about the string.

Bonus question:

The tutorial linked mentioned using Plastidip as a sealant, however I noticed after sealing Eva foam when I go to paint my props the edges always feel slightly rough. Could just be me as maybe I hadn't prepared my foam properly or smoothed it out but that's the finish I usually get and want to know how alleviate this before sealing my bow.




Tutorial in question:

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