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Kula Ayanami FINALLY I got new photos of my first cosplay!=D I made this in 2001 and this gallery has lots of "Rei schoolgirl evolution" lol, but I'm REALLY glad with these new photos!=)

The photoshoot was today, I' so grateful for the invitation!=) My big-big thanks for the photographers, they were so sweet and patience!=3

Photo taken by Liz!=)

sorry my poor english! - '~
  • Crystalike you really are so beautiful, you fit Rei so well, and you can really get that cold, almost distant look perfectly. 13 years ago
  • Clari MARAVILHOSAAAA This pictures is one of the most pretty pictures I've ever seen. Pena que a modelo não ajude! XDDD 13 years ago
  • Kurama-90 *__* Love that icy look! 13 years ago