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Elemental So Sewing is Half the Battle invited me along with them on a cruise. And while we were there, we stopped in Costa Maya and took a tour of the Dzibanche and Kohunlich Mayan ruins. And since we were there...

We snapped some quick cosplay photos.

The series is The Mysterious Cities of Gold, and they know more about it than I do. (It's old, it's silly, and it's on youtube. Oh, and it happens in and around Mayan ruins.).

In case you're wondering, we were part of a large tour through the areas, and everyone with us thought us taking cosplay photos was pretty awesome/funny in amidst all the tourist photo ops.

I'm behind the camera, not in the photo.
Additional images of this at my website.
  • Avianna Today Crystina was looking at these photos cause you had just put them up and she instantly recognized the name. We went to Youtube to see if we could find the intro to it. I instantly remember alot about my very early childhood. I think this may be one of the very first cartoons I ever watched as a kid. These are so beautiful. You did a wonderful job with the photos and, as always, Sewing did a wonderful job on the costumes. 12 years ago