Mortelle's image
from costume Cammy White
Mortelle Photo by Alex Weatherston.

This costume was kind of a giant failure. The moment I stepped out of the house parts of it began to break. From my wig fitting poorly, to the leg stripes not staying on – it was a mess! Thankfully my photographer was able to get some great shots despite my fail, but I’ll definitely have to re-make most of the costume before we shoot it again.
  • Kittycricri definitely my favorite cammy!! you look beautiful! 11 years ago
  • AllieCat Its so beautiful though... for my Morrigan i painted the bats on my tights with Acrylic paint and they stayed on perfectly (although you have to stand still until they dry completely LOL) but your Cammy, even with all thi=e things you 'Believe' to be flaws, is the best Cammy i've seen! <3 i hope you wear her again! 11 years ago
  • Koona K. Love your Cammy! 11 years ago
  • Victoria Russo so cool 11 years ago
  • DANQUISH LOL. Fail? you're just being modest. Looks great! nicely done! We missed you at SakuraCon this year.....:( 12 years ago
  • Marmbo Sorry to hear it didn't work out well. :< Looks great in this shot! 12 years ago
  • Zadra Failure? I don't see any failure. You look great! I was thinking of doing the alpha costume myself. 12 years ago
  • monetclaude Your costume looks awesome! 12 years ago
  • fly_aguilera AWESSSOMEEE 12 years ago
  • Slashbane Shame about the costume falling apart. But apart from that, you look gorgeous and you make an amazing Cammy. 12 years ago