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from costume Yuna
Cyrennia Making my daughter's obi using my own as a reference. It's really interesting to revisit a project. This time I'm not as scared of screwing up ^_^

I do have to retouch the center circle, though. She wanted to help paint the first time. XD
  • Cyrennia Aww thank you! Sorry you won't be done Yuna--there's still time! I know, I had to cut back on the costumes I was doing for AN too. Still hoping to finish Fran in time. My daughter is 4, and it will be her first time cosplaying. She's really excited and will likely be performing in the masquerade. Hope to see you at AN! 12 years ago
  • Yaritzuma Awesome job. I hated painting the pattern on my obi. Gah. How old is your daughter??? This will be so cute. I'm sad I wont be done yuna for AN like I'd wanted. At least I have two other cosplays I'll have done on time. :) 12 years ago