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I know probably almost NO ONE on c.com has seen this movie, but it's actually quite famous. I think this movie was 1 of 2 things that made me decide to study Korean and fall head over heels in love with that culture. I'm so passionate about this costume, even when I know no one will be interested, because it's something I love- the character, the story, and where it comes from.

This has NOTHING to do with Gong-Gil being played by Lee Jun Ki. >.>

So, anyway, I look funny with black hair, no? But the wig was technically 2 dollars, so hey, no complaints.

...I don't look Asian enough for this. x_x
  • oranjyu Wang-ui Namja-> I see this word and i'm happy and was surprise !!>0<;;;; 14 years ago
  • oranjyu >0< wow~~~good job!!and nice shot! 14 years ago
  • Cvy didn't expect a king and clown cosplay, nice work!! 14 years ago
  • di7373 omgomg i love jun ki !! he is really famous in korea ^^!! i wanted to cosplay him, though had no guts for it; you with black hair look naturall!! 14 years ago
  • bubblefire OMG I LOVE THIS MOVIE TOO! :D you make such good gong-gil you are so awesome for doing this! 14 years ago
  • gogolotus I saw this movie~ HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL OMGOMDSAKOKMDSAKOKSA You dont look funny with black hair at all :D 14 years ago