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Kazeki Photo : Shiro (http://shiroang.deviantart.com)

omg the horror that is this costume! Much thanks to my lovelies Jac'kee, Jarold, Raincloud, Stick for helping me with this costume. And also to Kanasaii and Lenneth for being my awesome partners *_*

This costume is from an artwork by CLAMP in the Code Geass Mutuality artbook =)
  • Stormraven24 Such a beautiful cosplay! You give me hope that mine might actually work (if one person can do it, then it's possible!)! I especially love the white panels. 11 years ago
  • FrozenNight Gorgeous! *_* 12 years ago
  • miiyu This is unbelievable beautiful *_* You look great! Perfect Costume, fantastic scenery ... beautiful cosplayer !!! Just GORGEOUS! 12 years ago
  • Rocieru Very well done! 12 years ago
  • Flowery Omgomg! You look gorgeous! I'm glad to see that someone did this version! 12 years ago
  • klytaemnestra You look lovely. 12 years ago
  • Fenixx <3 Your pose is very regal! Love the way those flaps are spread out too. 12 years ago
  • Crystalike so beautiful and elegant! 12 years ago
  • aka_neko-chan so beautiful!!! 12 years ago
  • Rain_cloud u look awesome here~ 12 years ago
  • ChocoLime U look really nice. I really love the white flower petal skirt ! *hearts* 12 years ago
  • Kirae Beautiful costume and setting *_* 12 years ago
  • PrincessDominique23 Gorgeous 12 years ago
  • smirnoff perfect 12 years ago
  • blackbutterfly the shot.. the costume... wow... you look SO pretty *_* 12 years ago
  • MisChibiOus OH MY GOD. +jaw drops+ you are marvelouss~!!! +favs+ 12 years ago
  • YueYing perfect c.c 12 years ago
  • NiGHTmaren Gorgeous costume, so pretty and so well-made! 12 years ago
  • Mollycool awesome dress! 12 years ago
  • Kanasai* *LOTSA hearts* you look so elegant in this shot I love it! :D 12 years ago
  • Kanasai* <333333 You look so elegant in this shot <33 12 years ago
  • Kaoru27Umi gorgeous picture~!! ^^ 12 years ago
  • anduin I can not get over how awesome this looks. It's so clean cut and well done! 12 years ago