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from costume Comet
Kula Ayanami Hitting the ground because I'm not good with rollerblades. lol. I wasn't posing here, I was changing my pose, when the photographer took the photo, but I liked it, because Comet's actually hits the ground this way...when you are a bad player, surely...but not with me. ;D
  • princemercury1 oooo Comet AWESOME!!! =D 13 years ago
  • Chui Top Model 14 years ago
  • #Sindaatarien# OMG menina andando pelada no studio XD~~~ essa eu vou favoritar! 14 years ago
  • Kula Ayanami vai, né?*u* a Comet é a K*u*la galática.lololololol 14 years ago
  • Clari que bundãooo já vim estalquear!!!!!! =DDD FICOU MARAVILHOSO, DÁ ATÉ INVEJA. Fico imaginando as outras rsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrs vai aparecer um monte de comet agora 14 years ago
  • Mage I love those games. ^^ Great job! 14 years ago
  • Lei-yone "More Rhythm!!!" ;P This pose looks like it's straight from the game. I love it! ^^ 14 years ago
  • Freya Kuro Neko If that is strange to see this cosplay that of Comet in mexico it is very strange to see characters of Bust-to-Groove I am you very beautiful congratulations 14 years ago
  • Geister IT still looks like a really cute pic!!! You very hot!! 14 years ago
  • ~H~ Awesome Comet! Bust-A-Move/Groove needs more cosplay love ^_-. 14 years ago
  • -Shinji Ikari- Cute shot 14 years ago
  • fly_aguilera lol. Very good! the pitch black of the fund because it has a nice contrast with the bright colors of cosplay! appreciated! congratulations! ^^* 14 years ago
  • ChicoChan I love those games! Thanks for cosplaying from it! I miss playing it they were so much fun. I loved Comet and Shorty! 14 years ago
  • Phoenix_Kasai Lol.. cute pic! Yeah, I would be in this position too if I attempted this costume with rollerblades ^_^; 14 years ago