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Krishna I recosplay this costume at Anizona02 and totally forgot that I have new pictures of it.. ^^;; So I'm posting some now.

Thank you so much to Tako for taking the photo and keeping me company at Anizona. *big hug*
  • MidnightMist Totally cute!!! 16 years ago
  • dennisud2015 Wow 2 years between updates for this costume! Still you are very cute in it and I hope to see more piccys! Great job! Mr.D 16 years ago
  • summerpark so cute~~ 16 years ago
  • Chiko waahhhh *____* a Sister Princess cosplay how wonderful youl look so~ cute 16 years ago
  • LiL KRN YUNA Kyya~ so cuuuute! I love this shot! 16 years ago