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XenoGirl Photo by the fabulous Lionel aka LionBoogy! I had such fun posing for these shots... out of all the costumes I've made thus far, this one is still my favorite!
  • Elsch Perfect CosMos~ ^^ I love the details work and the wig. ^^ 19 years ago
  • DJ Psygriffio Very cool KOS-MOS. The designs on the gold accents and shoulder detailing are excellent. Nice craftsmanship on the gun as well. 19 years ago
  • ska beam Awesome!!!!! 19 years ago
  • Dewy AWSOME KOS-MOS! Omg~ o_o *stares* XD Its so awsome~ 19 years ago
  • Chibi Ice Wolf Excellent costume, wow! o.o I like the color of the wig too ^^ 19 years ago