MissLunatic's image
from costume Sharrkan
MissLunatic taken and edited by [email protected] at Connichi, September 15th in Kassel
carpet borrowed from Sindbad ;)
featuring [email protected] as my wonderful best conversation partner Yamuraiha XD

Well... since we finally happened to have kind of a pairing cosplay after some years of cosplaying together from time to time and since we both ship the two we couldn't really resist xD. And I'm quite happy about the outcome. Although I have to say that this is very much due to Felicity being such a great Yamuraiha^^ bringing with her the complete package xD. In other words we quarreled quite a lot had some great insiders in our conversation... for example her experimenting on my lost pet snakes o.O'''... and her bringing a manga panel with her to stop me from bragging about my pupil... but I'm not bragging! He's very promising! Yours can't be better! But what am I even telling someone who believes magic is greater than the sword...
But on the other hand, well... you see... ;)

Hope some time we get another opportunity since the day was so short with me arriving so late due to completing the cosplay in the very last minute..
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