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phantomthief That. Chair. Oh my. It's quite... vivid? XD What IS it with hotel furniture/carpet!?

Sebatian: InuAshley
Ciel: PhantomThief
Photographer: Solar Tempest
  • AngrySeafoodKun YOU MAKE AN AWESOME CIEL!!!!! :D Long time to comment!! That Sebastian is....just seriously wow WHAT A GREAT DUO! 14 years ago
  • Floof Love it. 14 years ago
  • alpha_helix This wins an internet, I've always thought the same thing about hotel furniture. Maybe it's because loud patterns hide sketchy stains? Your Ciel cosplay wins another internet. You're both looking marvelous. I'm actually planning a historically accurate version of Madame Red. Let's hope it's almost as epic. 14 years ago