Mortelle's image
from costume Fran
Mortelle I had to battle a lot with coscom to get this image uploaded. For some reason it kept saying that it was over the size limit, although it wasn't. I had to re-size and crop this to death, so I apologize for the awful quality.

I'll be uploading more of these Fran pictures throughout the week when I get a moment to do it.

Photo by my Cousin.
  • Meitachi Wow, you make an amazing Fran! :) Great job on the armour. 13 years ago
  • Chocobo chic very pretty! 13 years ago
  • fightstar Impressive! 14 years ago
  • Darkichigo very cute fran,the costume detail are amazing*_____* 14 years ago
  • -Shinji Ikari- Very nice! 14 years ago