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from costume Hagumi Hanamoto (Hagu)
Rain_cloud i like this picture a lot.^___^

Morita running after Hagu with the leaf, Takemoto trying to stop him , Yamada tries to say something and Mayama just facepalm at the sight of the bunch of energetic people.8D

Morita - Fenix

Takemoto - Stick

Hagu - Myself

Yamada - Jackee

Mayama - Kemuri

thank you to all the photographers and helpers who came along.<3

editing was done by me.
  • TomatheSpook LOL that's just amazing!! Rur, Hagu, run ^o^ 13 years ago
  • MinTos epik crackshot 8D Glad I could join the photoshoot! It was so much fun x3x3 14 years ago
  • alicat What a cute picture!! Morita's leaf. LOL. I LOVE your group. H&C needs more cosplay love. 14 years ago