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Limeyaku Guess which article he's reading? And don't you love that there's rabbits on the back cover? :D ( Please ignore the fact that he sat on his coattails and pulled the coat down...but hey, it shows off the sweet vest and purple lining! LOL )
  • +.-.uzuki.-.+ ahahaha nice!!! love the costume XDDD 13 years ago
  • DreaM HunteR poor depp xD 14 years ago
  • DianA-sama Hahaha awesome!!! 14 years ago
  • Shuriken-Tenten So great! You are making a perfect mad hatter! 14 years ago
  • Earthychan Your famous!! LMAO! And yes, I love the rabbits on the back. 14 years ago
  • Kyte27 curious-er and curious-er! XD awesome Mad hatter! 14 years ago