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from costume Sazh Katzroy
  • myzkyti O.O Shockingly found this through Reddit, rather than the usual CosCom browsing.. But goodness, you are simply the best Sazh I've ever seen! ^.^ Fantastic job! Perfect cosplay choice! You, sir, are teh win :} 12 years ago
  • 00Shika00 god, you look just like him!! awesome cosplay ^^ 12 years ago
  • Rubra Perfect cosplay!! You look just like him! ^-^* 12 years ago
  • yote0night O.o Its.....Sazh 12 years ago
  • misoso Oh my gosh it's Sazh! *_* 12 years ago
  • CreativeGuy Too cool! 12 years ago
  • Gwenx omg.. it's incredible! your face is just like Sazh 12 years ago
  • kalasnacks Your face = win. Just sayin' 12 years ago
  • Panda Treats The best ever. That is all. 12 years ago