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Limeyaku an unfinished Halloween costume.


I had such epic plans for this! And I was so happy with it from the waist up. I just haaad to be too modest and botch it with shorts. The bootcovers, I just didn't have time to finish and the wings fell apart at the last minute, which was a blessing in disguise considering I wore this out to a nightclub and needed soft, bendy, squishy wings that wouldn't kill people within 3 yards of me.

It was fun anyways. I loved the horns, ears, contacts, makeup, fangs and corset.

Unfortunately, this was one of the ONLY decent full body shots I got...and you can't even see the tail! D: I wore it a couple other nights and one night was so cold just said ' screw it ' and wore wet-look leggings...the other night I forgot my fangs... could never get the thing complete and proper... :(

Hopefully one day I can improve/complete/get enough courage to wear it properly for a shoot of fantastic demony awesomeness.

And my bf took this on the iso it was insanely dark and pixel-y and most of that carried over into my attempt at trying to correct it decent enough to upload. Sorry. :(
  • Kungfufish unfinished Halloween costume, but I think it still came out nice, great job 13 years ago