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from costume Chun Li

This 'base' costume was store bought and then MAJORLY altered. ( all seams, slits, collar, back closure [ come on...VELCRO!? that ain't gonna fly ], and bottom trim were re-done by me...I'm not sure why I didn't just make the whole thing...laziness, I suppose.
  • DaShuk2381 You did an awesome job on this! My g/f made the mistake of buying this same costume online for Halloween last year for a party we were invited to. She ended up altering most of it 2 days before we had to go, lol. 14 years ago
  • Syphen_1 So cute lol 15 years ago
  • Nguyet You're such a GREAT Chun-Li 15 years ago
  • Goken Undoubtably the best Chunli cosplay I've ever seen. よく出来ました! 今度も頑張れ! 16 years ago
  • Prodigiosus Great cosplay. It given me memories of the live action movie. Bison dollars 16 years ago
  • Yoshiii Oooh! Oooh! I wanna be Ken, and rescue you from the evil Shadowlaw! lol 16 years ago
  • Minako Aino Great Chun Li ^___^ 16 years ago
  • Rock nam Lee Wow, super awesome Chun Li!! 16 years ago
  • DayDreamerNessa that's a really good chun-li for being altered a lot! 16 years ago