Hylian Jean's image
from costume Zora Queen Rutela
Hylian Jean Completed Rutela cosplay at Sakuracon 2012. Photo by camerarchitect on Flickr.
  • Overbeck very cool looking cosplay 11 years ago
  • SunsetSovereign WOW! WOW! WOW! YOU LOOK AMAZING! I love the iridescent material you used for the fins. 11 years ago
  • BreannaAiedail I saw you at Sakura Con 2011! I loved your costume! 11 years ago
  • FinalEVA I saw you at SC 2012. That's really amazing! That must have been lots of work. I did get one photo of you there - http://www.flickr.com/photos/finalevacosplay/6926744736/in/set-72157629790957603 11 years ago
  • Chergnomebyl That is AMAZING. 11 years ago