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from costume Fluttershy
Panda Treats Back shot of the costume. FairyDust did such an AMAZING job on those wings, they're easily my favorite part of the costume.
Costume by: FairyDust
Photo by: EBK
Photo Edits by: PosiTori
  • bluestbunnie WHAT AN ADORABLE PONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11 years ago
  • Methann Super belle ! 11 years ago
  • StrawberryJam Ohmaigosh!! You are an epic Fluttershy!!! So pro! 11 years ago
  • torixbyrde you're an adorable Fluttershy <3 especially nice job on the wig 11 years ago
  • FairyDust Seriously, when Al showed me the photos and we got to some of yours (this one included) I was like WUT OMG THE COLORS, THAT FACE, THOSE EYES OMG. Gave me the vapors or somethin'. :D 11 years ago
  • Selemar You are an amazing Fluttershy. The yellows and soft pinks match you so well and your eyes are so big and beauitful. 11 years ago
  • ~WhiteMage~ Oh my gosh. So cute! 11 years ago
  • Hopie You're the cutest Fluttershy I've seen! :D 11 years ago