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from costume Sheva Alomar
Lady Muramasa Ugh, so tired. But I threw what I had together to take another progress pic. I finished the bead necklace tonight, not really thrilled with some parts of it but I can deal. Made the earrings today, and my nail was bleeding and is still sore because of it. The shirt I will be using, I started cutting it for it's modification. The gold choker and the gold armband are drying, I'm finishing the black and gold armband, then I will finish up the harness and shirt. >=( My thumbs hurt! Those earrings are evil! The rest is soon to come!
  • Lady Muramasa Thx guys! 12 years ago
  • Angeal you look awesome 12 years ago
  • Truest_Strike You as Sheva??? Whuuuut! Look out now! 12 years ago
  • fightstar See that look on her face. I pity the zombie that messes with her. O.o 12 years ago
  • Patastrophic I need ammo! Come on! 12 years ago
  • Master Zero Sheva rules. x3 12 years ago