haku syou's image
haku syou 去年の春撮影
photo by ヒナ様
  • uzumaki-taicho love this costume ** the sword looks fantasic~ great job on it! 11 years ago
  • dante-le-beau O__o Daaaamn... I bet the sword is heavy... :) did you made it yourself? I like this costume alot and a place for a photo is great. Too bad we don't have alot places like that here. 11 years ago
  • AlexPianistka Great job on the costume! Looks very impressive, especially your boots *__* 11 years ago
  • Athel *0* Wonderful job on your Keiji cosplay! I love seeing Basara cosplay! It's always a treat! 11 years ago
  • Geni Amazing costume =D colorfull 11 years ago
  • Fukada Incredible colors. Beautifull. 11 years ago