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from costume Captain America
Hitokiri83 WWII Captain America.
Because it's just not cool to wear tri-color tights and wings on your head... the costume was made by my girlfriend. She constructed the stripes on the shirt completely out of ribbons, and got the star screen-pressed onto the shirt. The other stuff is pretty self-explanatory.

The shield was carved and hand-painted by myself, and I painted the helmet as well.
  • Angeal wow! 13 years ago
  • AmazonMandy Noone ever does this, thats awesome! 15 years ago
  • KFelidae Oh god. Triangle shield! Triangle shield! :D 16 years ago
  • Fei-Hung Hyper, Hyper quality! Totally awesome :] 16 years ago
  • Captain Gundam YES! Holy crap, someone did an OG Cap. America! Dude, you earned double points in my book. Too bad CA cosplay is done often let alone this one. As a fan of CA, this just takes the cake. 16 years ago
  • featherweight ultimate WWII cap abit shiney and i could nit pick afew things but the fact you did THIS verison of cap at all make it cool in my books thumbs up 16 years ago