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SelphieTilmitt Mr.TheStampede took this picture, I think! him or pixelperfect. I kinda forget :[.
  • Keshi I love your hair *.* 18 years ago
  • SelphieTilmitt It's not a wig, that's my actual hair xDDD but thank you all for teh comments *kicks Keith* :X! 18 years ago
  • PixelPerfect Hmmm... Orange juice in a water bottle??? That looks suspicious! ^_^ Wait a second! Drinking alcohol gives you sharingan eyes?!? That's it! I'm getting drunk right away! *random pounce on you* 18 years ago
  • TheTjaricOne aw! ITS SO CUTE! adorable, simply adorable 18 years ago
  • Kyuuto Otome you seriously do make such an adorable Selphie! I love your wig! *_* Much love, Kyuuto 18 years ago
  • BeforeCrisis lol about the red eye. You're a cute Selphie, though, so it's okay! 18 years ago