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Kirschwasser Photo by Eurobeat King! ^^

I am so happy with how this came out. Compare it to my Xiao I wore last year (1st photo in my gallery). It makes my old one look like >_<. I am happy to say that this is 100% accurate (except for the ribbons hanging from my hair accessories. I put them to just to add a unique touch.)

So yes, here is what I updated:

-Leg Warmers: I added on the plum blossom & butterfly pattern (green part), though you really can't tell in this picture. I also added the gold disc to the orange part on top.

-Obi is thicker & fits like an obi should (without bunching up). I also made the bow puffier & it holds up all day without wilting.

-Red & Gold top is shorter & more form fitting (and with the correct designs). I also made the tassles longer & the ride shade of green. I added the gold "shell" shape on top of the tassels too.

-The fans had bigger pandas, there are blue gems in the ribbons, I painted on the blue floral design, & added the gold trim.

So yes, I am happy with how much better this costume is. It looks so colourful. I can even see the blush on my face in this photo. *laughs* I had fun wearing this. (It attracts A LOT of attention.)
  • kabotin suepr cute & super fresh costume ^_____^ 16 years ago
  • fallthwasser i also like the blush on youre face 18 years ago
  • fallthwasser i love the pose you did in this pic. 18 years ago
  • Miki-san whow, don't you look lovely in this XD i really like all the details that you put in! Panda's ...........soooo cute ^^; 18 years ago
  • miffykurara I do remember you! I loved the poofy pandas! 18 years ago
  • Kirschwasser AppleJax - Thanks! I was fun doing this remake. So much accurate than my old 2004 one! XD I am very pleased that you like my cosplay work. I appreciate it when people comment on all the hard work I do. *Hugs* 18 years ago
  • AppleJax OMG the DETAIL is AMAZING!!!! How could I have not seen you before?!?!? You are fabulous at costumes, I LOVE IT!! and so cute toO! 18 years ago
  • Kirschwasser lestathunt - Yes, it was so nice meeting you & the others as DW characters! Your Diao Chan was the best Diao I've ever seen. You made it so perfect! :3 I felt to sparkly & shiny as Xiao! *laughs* Assara - Thank you very much! ^^ 18 years ago
  • Assara This is a woderful costume an dyou look great in it =) 18 years ago
  • lestathunt You looked so cute in your xiao costume. I was happy to get to see it in person. It really looked nice on you. Preeeeettty! 18 years ago
  • Kirschwasser Oooo, more comments. I hadn't even realized there were more in here. :D PsylockeKagura - Yeah! Fans are fun, but I broke them only an hour after I first got into the costume. ^^; They can kind of be clumbsy. The pandas make me laugh. ^^ tiffa - Thank you for the nice comment. Kit Foxfire - I love your Xiao too! *laughs merrily* Thanks for the comment! I am happy with the result of this updated version of Xiao. But now, it goes into retirement. *Awww* keiblercookies - Really? Thanks! *hugs* I am very pleased you believe I do Xiao Qiao justice. *Dances* ska beam - Ookini! ^_^ Yes, pandas are always fun, especially on fans! *Grins* Quita - I am happy that you like to see people make DW costumes. They can be time consuming & a tad bit challenging to make, but in the end, it is worth it to have a rather unique costume. ^^ Zhalfirin - Heeey, I missed you at AX! *Hugs* You need to come next year, ya hear me? ^_~ Thanks for the great comment in my gallery. XD Rubeus - Awwww, really? Well, I like you too, my friend. *Hugs* Yep, I plan to "kill" myself by making harder costumes. (Hint: I'll be making something from Trinity Blood. Now that is complex!) ^^; strawberry neko - I love your Xiao too! You & Kit also have made really awesome Xiao cosplay! *Power to Xiao Qiao!* ^_~ Yes~, I hope you can come to AX next year too! The more Qiaos there are means more colourful, attention-getting fans! ^_~ Tachibana_Miyu - Thanks~! Yes, Xiao is too cute to resist. It's fun being such a clumbsy, cute character for a day. ^^ 18 years ago
  • LennethXVII that is too cute.XD you make a lovely xiao qiao, kirsch! 19 years ago
  • strawberry neko YAY!! you got a picture up of you xiao!!! i lo~ve it! ^_^!! and i love the pandas =D!! wonderful costume kirsch!! =D youre so awesome ^_^~! hopefully i can go to AX next year and meet you =] dynasty warriors rocks XD! 19 years ago
  • Rubeus Yes, I like every single of your costumes (and I like you~ :). Harder costumes? o,O I think the ones you already have are hard enough, but I´m looking forward to next year then ^^ 19 years ago
  • Zhalfirin Awww man you look great =) Such a pity I couldn't make it this year or last >_< When will AX work around my schedule!!?! Hehe, Qiao I've ever seen ^_^ 19 years ago
  • Quita Wonderful work! I love it when people take the time to make a Dynasty Warriors costume! 19 years ago
  • ska beam Great Costume!!! You look beautiful!!! Gotta love those Pandaaaaaa'ssss!!!!! ^-^ 19 years ago
  • keiblercookies Aww... it's so cute. You embody the character in my mind. Looks frickin sweet to see a Dynasty Warrior character come to life ^_^ 19 years ago
  • Kit Foxfire Awww I <3 your Xiao! It looks great, very awesome fabric choices and craftmanship! :D 19 years ago
  • tiffa wow so pretty! :D 19 years ago
  • Psyposer Faaaaaaaaans *_*" and lovely pandas! very good ^^ 19 years ago
  • Kirschwasser Rubeus, you are so nice. Thank you for all the comments you have put in my gallery. *Hugs for you!* XD I am very happy you like my costumes. For next year, I am going to challenge myself & make harder costumes! ^^; 19 years ago
  • Ononoke Cute! 19 years ago
  • Rubeus Yes, the costume is so very good! I like the Pandaaas~ ^__^ I can see the blush in your face too, you´re so cute ^//^ 19 years ago