Arielle's image
from costume Ariel
Arielle New shells by Lisa Fabio (I bedazzled them though haha)
This was taken at Comic Con 2010
  • samtoenail may i ask where you got your shell top? i'm looking to make/buy one ansd yours is gorgeous! 10 years ago
  • MomokoKitty waaaa *0* I like ! very beautiful ! :3 11 years ago
  • NovemberCosplay You look fabulous!! Best Ariel ever!! 11 years ago
  • angelbabycakes You are gorgeous! Such a wonderful job! I love Ariel! I wish I could pull her off as amazingly as you did so I could cosplay her. Keep it up! I love that you work with children at princess parties. I have considered it! 11 years ago
  • mr-kobayashi You are far the most beautiful Ariel I've ever seen!!!!! 11 years ago
  • clembastow Is asking what haircolour you use in contravention of the international cosplay secrecy act? ;) 11 years ago
  • Roses-and-red Awesome cosplay^^ 11 years ago
  • Kaede Karasuma Simply beautiful! Wonderful and spot-on cosplay~ 11 years ago
  • xmissxhellx You are the cutest Ariel I have ever seen! I actually remember seeing you at Comic-Con, but I was busy checking in my weapon and couldn't get a photo of you. =( 11 years ago