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from costume Washu Hakubi
Korinchan I had so much fun wearing this! Maybe one day I could get photos taken in a lab. OH MAN, that would be awesome. XD

Photo by AndreaOfTheLand
  • _Nyx Oh wow, that's one of the best washu cosplays I've seen! How on earth did you style the wig? The spikes are AWESOME! 11 years ago
  • Limeyaku that is a seriously epic wig!! and costume!! only suggestion would be maybe to brush your hairline with some temp colour to blend it when the wig moves back a bit. 11 years ago
  • NealBomBad Tenchi was one of my favorite series, your Washu is perfect! 11 years ago
  • blackflame16 Your wig was super amazing!! I was so happy to see this cosplay in person. Great job!! :) 11 years ago
  • TaRu Yay, your Washu wig and outfit turned out so awesome! Dem Spikes :D 11 years ago
  • ShinobuWind Super Amazing Washu!! I was very very happy to see this in person! ^_^ 11 years ago
  • Cobheran SUCH A GREAT WASHU!! 11 years ago
  • shinitama I love love LOVE your wig! It is gorgeous and you did a great job styling it. ^_^ 11 years ago