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from costume Sakura
Splenda Our Yuuko and Sakura costumes from Ohayocon 2009. Sadly the rest of our group couldn't finish in time (we were supposed to have all the other Dragon group and the matching Watanuki), so it was just the two of us. Plenty of things to fix on Sakura for next time, but I was super happy to get it finished and wear it with my cosplay partner Sugar. It was my first time making a hoopskirt, steel boned corset, and giant poofy dress, so it was quite an interesting experience :)
  • YuniPop Cosmake beautiful costume, In that cap is this version? 14 years ago
  • Dante-san very nice dresses^o^ 14 years ago
  • Tessceres You guys were adorable! sorry I only really got to see you guys in passing though 14 years ago