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from costume Rikku
Rikku-chan These boots are stand-ins and I will probably sell them as soon as I make new ones XD

OMG Teeny took this photo at Youmacon 2012 and I pretty much died when she showed me it on the LCD screen! I didn't get around to editing it until now...but HOLY CRAP I've always wanted a battle stance photo like this *-*

ps: This was taken at probably around 2 or 3am and after I had been sick all day, thus...sleepy face! XD

Photographer: Hiyoko-chan of TotallyToasty
Editing: me
Costume made/worn by me
Youmacon 2012
  • Mao_Melissa You look like you are ready to run around Luca stadium and kick some butt! Go Rikku! :D 8 years ago