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Kula Ayanami Inspired by Petit Eva [email protected] animation (pure love and LOLLING!).

One of Rei sisters (the "baby" Rei) went to buy this cake and she hasn't enough money. Awww...then, Kaworu gave her a coin. It's ADORABLE!=)~ When I watched this episode, I had to do the cake!=D

here's the references: http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z40/kula_vanilla/bolinhoeva.jpg

Israfel Alpha and Beta (if you don't know Eva, it's a shame...ops, it's one angel that splits in two) look cute to death handing this little chocolate sign... unfortunately the japanese caracteres aren't that good, because was hard to draw them on this textured surface! x-x ' I'll try again later... but I'm really happy with the result anyway!=3

My friend Vivian help me a lot, she's very good with biscuit clay... and I think I'm good with painting and making a mess, so, was funny!=D

clay 2 bottles of white glue, lots of acrilic and oil paint, fake leafs (I stole them.lol), flour and i don't remember= cute and yummy "angel of music and dance" cake!=D~

Hope you like it!=D
(And sorry for my poor english! x-x ')
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