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mOOn place: tian hou temple

photo: guppy fish
editing: mOOn & pin
  • mOOn mi-chan4>>> thank you and come visit again videl>>> 哈哈~~edit我那個雲層下去 XDDD 翻桌﹗﹗很過癮 17 years ago
  • videlyong 超级喜欢这张照片噢噢噢!!赞!! 17 years ago
  • Mi-chan4 Wow, that's a cool shot! Nice atmosphere in it 17 years ago
  • mOOn yuanie>> hai^^ i also love your cosplay ya!! but unlucky that's i haven't changed to talk to you yet!! hope to see you at CF 2006 too!! always get surprise from you~~ XDDD 17 years ago
  • Yuanie hoi hoi ~!~ heheh..very interesting photo you've taken here ^^! Kind of matches your character theme alot :) Have we talked before during malaysia's CF event ^_^ ? 17 years ago
  • momochan wonder pic! 17 years ago
  • mOOn solano>>> XDDDDD.....是丫!!是丫!! 下次一起來拍戲啊﹗﹗景麒哥哥~~來噢﹗﹗XDDDD 17 years ago
  • solano 像拍戏耶.........XD 17 years ago
  • mOOn BladeWing>>gomene~~ that was not pin~sama's back XDDDD pin>>因為某某主上失蹤~~所以..... astellecia>> 丫﹗﹗主上失蹤了~~哭(找啊選討債去﹗﹗) 可是麒麟是不殺生的﹗﹗ 17 years ago
  • Astellecia 泰王跑去了哪里??!! 17 years ago
  • nekopin 拜拜中XDDD >BladeWing is my friend ^^bbb 17 years ago
  • BladeWing PIN-sama? ^o^ 17 years ago