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CasualVillain ....My favorite odd pairing of FF6. <333 This was taken Saturday of Acen 06'. :)
  • Lisu-chan YAY! Terra x Setzer!!! XD ^_^ I love both your costumes! ^_^ And the photo... is just soooo awesome! ^_^ 15 years ago
  • Bindusara Love the pic, Ive been wanting to play Edgar forever 15 years ago
  • o0marikit0o <3 omg I missed Setzer as well;; and FMB's Terra. At least i got yours you are awesome!! 16 years ago
  • CasualVillain I was looking for him too actually and then some random guy asked me for a picture when I was heading for the line for the masquerade. I took it and then realized it was the Sezter cosplayer! Lol. I immmediately asked him for a pic. :P You looked gorgeous too! Your cape was AMAZING... *_* 16 years ago
  • effembee OH MY GAWD I WAS LOOKING ALL OVER FOR HIM! Seriously, they kept telling me THERE'S A SETZER! And I'm like WHERE IS HE? ;__; I was so busy Saturday that I didn't even make the FF gathering. You look BEAUTIFUL, by they way. 16 years ago
  • mocha Old school FF cosplay!!!! XD *glomp!* 16 years ago