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Avianna Jerry is a friend of mine that I met judging the Hallway Costume Contest at Anime Central just this year. He's a pretty nice guy, but he told me his only weakness is wigs. He normally cosplays characters he can use his own hair for and he needed some help with this one because it was a pretty intricate wig for a person not used to playing with fibers.

But don't let that be telling of his ability as a seamtress. His Reimu costume was so breath taking. So many yards of wonderful Suede and he even pressed his own metal studs and little fleur de lis for his collar. It was amazing how much detail he put into it and how proud he was of it when he was done.

This was made with an Arda Wigs Vegas in Black 064 and a Curly Clip-In Ponytail in Black 064. I took the wefts from the low ponytail out of the base of the wig. I then sewn them in right behind the bangs to make the top part of this wig appear to be pulled back for his ponytail. I then styled the bangs in front and added a bit of the extra wefts from the ponytail to the sides of the bangs for the beading in his side bangs. The curly clip was then straightened (Curly Clips look really full when straightened, fuller then normal straight long clips). Since the wig was heat resistant I used a blow dryer to help spike and style the bangs. I used a reference of Reimu in action to give more flow to the hair. The ponytail can be detached for storage.

Photos of Jerry were taken by Jkid and the Official Photographer for AUSA.

Jerry won Hallway Best Journeyman for this costume. Congratulations!!

*I don't have alot of time for multiple commissions, but you are interested on a quote and have alot of time for me to play with a wig for you, just PM me. I don't do wigs in short time frames.
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