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from costume Bane
SleazyPanda Excuse my oddly pointed eyebrows~
  • Osito Can't wait to see the rest! I'm putting a Bane suit together 'cos he's the flippin coolest, and my mask is the weak link. Could I get the contact info from the cosplayer that made yours? Bane is sexy huh? I never felt that way... til now! ZING! lolz 10 years ago
  • Osito Who made the mask? Bane is my flippin homeboy and I'm putting 2gether a suit and my weak link is the mask. Bane, sexy? Ya know I never thought that myself... til now. ZING! lolz 10 years ago
  • EmmaInCandyland awesome mask :D 10 years ago
  • SleazyPanda Same here! It's perfect for when you're in love with characters and can't decide if you want t be them or be on them hahaha. I had it commisioned by a local cosplayer actually. I have the crafting skills of a moose >__> I know she made it out of wonderflex though :D 11 years ago
  • TheUrbexNinja I freaking LOVE cross-play. Did you craft this yourself? Can't wait to see more pics! \M/ \M/ p.s. Bane is... sexy. -_- Sigh. 11 years ago