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from costume Imperial Grand Admiral
bobbarker31 Picture of me in my white Grand Admiral's uniform at Celebrations IV. I met this guy who came from a German 501st Garrison who were well represented at the convention. Now that I think of it... all of the Germans were black uniformed Imperial officers... :p
  • SigmaRue That is the most intense-looking German I've ever seen. Way to hold your own =P. Now paint yourself blue and be Thrawn plz. 14 years ago
  • chibiplum How long ago was this?! XD You still had the frosting in your hair. *glomps* My Bobbo is soooo Kyuuuuuuute! 14 years ago
  • aoifa_silverdra if the ressemblance in the two uniform is any indication... yup germans were imperials... o is it the other way around? 14 years ago