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from costume Yuuki Cross
Astellecia I wanted to cosplay this series so bad when it first came out, but then I procrastinated and procrasticated and so many people did the uniform that I got so fed-up with seeing them...

so yes, ball gowns are love, and circle skirts are hell to sew

Photo by DD-tenka
  • wolfblood11 i did the same dress 12 years ago
  • Lila Lain beautiful costume =] 12 years ago
  • envyinwondrland can't see the dress! post more photos of it D: 13 years ago
  • Astellecia jenny, gilraen, kasumi, choco, imari, rosa, minako, zoots, death, feerura, rabbite, elysewa>> aiyezzzzzzzzzz thank you!! *gives cookies* kazzy >> yay I finally posted a photo LOLZ peggy >> my shuai shuai zero *love* benihime >> lolz I love this photo because you can't see where my sewing skills went wrong XD jilly >> it's DD, lolz not me XD 13 years ago
  • Elysewa amazing! O_O I love it!!! 13 years ago
  • Rabbite wow, so beautyful 13 years ago
  • Sansele *_* So pretty! 13 years ago
  • zootsgirl15 you are such an adorable Yuuki 13 years ago
  • minakocat wow, so pretty ^^ 13 years ago
  • rosabella You look so awsome! As per usual! 13 years ago
  • Imari-chan Beautiful Yuki. :D 13 years ago
  • benihime awwwwwww this is adorable! i love that outfit! i'm glad someone did it so well!!! 13 years ago
  • peggy ahh my awesome Yuuki! *whistles* 13 years ago
  • ChocoLime this is such a sweet pix of u as yuki 13 years ago
  • Kazeki yay Yuuki! 13 years ago
  • xKasumix aaaaaaaaw you look so lovely! You make a damn pretty Yuuki! * _ * 13 years ago
  • Gilraen soo cute*_* 13 years ago
  • JennyKim319 You look like a very pretty Yuuki! =D 13 years ago