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bubba28871 Mab had the brilliant idea of having John try to cut the water melon with his prop sword. The results were hilarious.

John (Kazemaru) as Young Komomura
Adrian (AdrianakaNinja) as Young Hitsugiaya
Myself (bubba28871) as Madarame Ikkaku
  • MudouSetsuna Ahahaha XD Wow, nice action shot. 17 years ago
  • Kazemaru TAKE THAT!! AHHHHH I HATE WATERMELONS!! 17 years ago
  • FlyingPenguin You have this "EWWWW EWWW ICKKKKK~" look on your face.And I think Hitsugaya might cry.Great shot~ 17 years ago
  • Shattered_Angel NOES NOT THE WATERMELON XD 17 years ago
  • Lady_Savannah Lol, what a waste of watermelon~ It makes a great shot though XDD 17 years ago
  • Pazuzu Hitsugaya looks at the brink of painful tears XD The poor watermelon... 17 years ago
  • MsValentine OMG That is crazy! 17 years ago