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Kukkii-san Now that's what I call a poofy ponytail!

I experimented with different fiber and dye colors to achieve a toned-down shade of orange; I was aiming for a mango orange color at first, but I wasn't satisfied with the results. Then I tried something more simple - using bright orange fiber and toning it down with simple red-brown dye - et voilĂ ! It turned out both the cosplayer and I loved the color. It's bright and cheerful!

1 mid-length wig, extensions x4 (hot orange), wig dye (burnt umber); foamcore; felt for the flower hairpins
  • ColonyDropCos Thumbelina ISN'T a Disney movie, it's a Don Bluth Movie. Also beautiful work on the wig, keep it up. 9 years ago