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from costume Narcissa Malfoy
darthmarysue It was pouring rain outside the day we wore these, so we had to make do with what there was for photo locations. solartempest did a great job making sure all our textures of black showed up in the dim indoor lighting.

Elemental as Bellatrix Lestrange

Photo credit to: solartempest ^_^
  • lisa_sailoru I second skyspiders comment about your hair. Love the costumes on you both, you look lovely. I raged when I saw the Narcissa from the movie. It took everything in me not to yell out "That's not my wife!" >_> I was cosplaying Lucius Malfoy at the time... But enough of that. The fabirc looks very rich, very Malfoy. 11 years ago
  • skyspiders Very nice. Excelent rich and relevantly interesting costumes. Thank you btw for sticking with the character's origional hair which was entirely blonde. I don't know why, or how they justified giving her skunk hair in the latest HP movie. 12 years ago
  • anwyn_crescent Very pretty! 12 years ago