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I really like PL's dad. He's such a gentleman.

His accent is kinda hard to follow [learned from TPZ he's Hungarian] so when he wanted to take some pictures of me he let me know by having me hold onto his finger, and he escourted me away from the group to take some shots. XD!

It was so cute.

But anywho

I don't really know how to hold myself in pictures. ^^; I felt a little awkward. This is the first photoshoot I've ever been in. ^.^;

I'm glad I got to experience it with some really awesome people though. ^___^
  • Captain Scarlet Your face is perfect for Midna 14 years ago
  • NarikoxXxShadow Amazing shot! ^___^ you held yourself very very well. It does feel strange at first with the camera staring at ya :P But you did an excellent job. And your costume is spectacular! Looks exactly like Midna but with it's own unique flare ^^ Got nothing but praise for it. 14 years ago
  • Uni wow, awesome XD I need to use full body paint for one of my cosplays, and i'm really scared on how to go about it XD What brand did you use? did you need to re-paint yourself half way through the day? Thanks so much for your help, and i still cannot stop loving this cosplay XD sooo cute! 15 years ago
  • MidnaHime Lol. Not sure. XD I was one of the few body painted things with orange hair waddling about. xp 15 years ago
  • Crystalike lovely! how did i miss this at fanime? 15 years ago
  • MidnaHime ^_^ Thank you, Ka-ron. My Midna isn't exactly "precise", but I still like wearing it. x] And yes, yay for midna fans! 15 years ago
  • ka-ron ahhw, I love your version of midna =3 U look great ;D and yaaay for midna fans =D 15 years ago
  • MidnaHime Aww, thank you, DarkFujin :D But, I would love the pictures-- Its interesting to see what sort of shots people capture of me >w< Heh. Thank you for acknowledging me as a favorite ^.^! 15 years ago
  • DarkFujin Hey Midna! I saw you at Fanime, and I thought you were AMAZING. You were one of my favorite cosplayers there. I took a picture of you, when I get my film developed I can send it to you if you want it. You probably have a ton of pictures already though. XD 15 years ago
  • MidnaHime To Shadowsage= I did indeed use body paint all over. I've seen some people wear colored tights if they can, but I wasn't sure if I could find the right color, so I opted for full body paint. I'll tell you now though, since Nabooru is just about as revealing as Midna, it's pretty tiring painting your entire body. ^^; I stood in the bathtub and had my friends give me a rub down with the paint while others held blow dryers. It was all really weird, but funny. lol To Rikku Dattebayo= Thanks mucho! ^_^ 15 years ago
  • shadowsage MidnaHime, did you use blue body paint on all of your body, or is some of that blue material? I'm currently in the process of making my Nabooru costume. =) 15 years ago
  • Rikku Dattebayo wow you're so pretty! *O* 15 years ago
  • MidnaHime Thank you, Misato ^^ 15 years ago
  • MidnaHime Aww. ^_^;; Thank you, shadowsage! It's not entirely accurate or anything, but the fact that you see it as perfect makes me really proud. ^.^ Thank you for the huge compliment~ I love Midna too, so I'm glad I could do her justice :] 15 years ago
  • shadowsage Oh my gosh, it's so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Midna is my favorite TP character, and when I saw your costume, I wanted to cry. It's perfect! 15 years ago
  • MidnaHime Thank you, Zoroko ^.^ It was really hard to style it since I've never dealt with a wig before, but in the photos it looks nicer than it did in the bathroom mirror ^^; 15 years ago
  • Zoroko I really loove your hair~!!! 15 years ago
  • MidnaHime :DD Thank yooou, PL. You and TPZ saying I did good makes me soooo happy ^,^ 15 years ago
  • PikminLink the photos turned out really good, and they show off your details. it was awesome seeing this in person, you really did a good job ^^ 15 years ago
  • neoangelwink wow so pretty ^^ 15 years ago
  • MidnaHime ^,^ Thank yoooou TPZ. That means a lot for me coming from you =D 15 years ago
  • Princess_Zelda This is a REALLY stunning photo! You definetely do Midna justice! ^_^ 15 years ago
  • negativedreamer great costume 15 years ago
  • MidnaHime Thank you, Dante-san ^__^ 15 years ago
  • Dante-san Gorgeous costume *o* 15 years ago
  • MidnaHime ^___^ Domo, rosabella. 15 years ago
  • rosabella Amazing Midina!! You look so gorgeous ^^ 15 years ago
  • MidnaHime Thanks ^,^ 15 years ago
  • smirnoff excellent job!! 15 years ago
  • Ryoko-demon Amazing!!! Very beautiful! Good job + ^_^ + 15 years ago