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from costume Commander Shepard
hmwsg x Back from SDCC! Unfortunately I couldn't finish my Morinth costume in time, but I got some amazing photos in my FemShep dress!
And yes, if you watched BiowareTV I was the Party Shep *facepalm*. I REGRET NOTHING.

I was pleasantly surprised by the reactions and people appreciating such a laid back costume--especially since the other costumes at the Bioware contest were so awesome and elaborate! And I did win "creative excellence" for being obnoxious on stage. So there is that.

Thane got Hudson's judges choice award which is the biggest honor, in my opinion. Well deserved, too!
  • Griever 2112 Kick Ass!!!! made it on BiowareTV and an award... I bow to the greatness of your Mass Effect ways... I hope once I get my Shepard together it comes out half as good as yours do. 12 years ago
  • Criana Awesome picture!! 12 years ago