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phantomthief I sunk into the snow and went "Mom!!! I'm undercover!" and she replied "Honey... Hate to break it to you but I suspect Fai kind of sucks at that"

If nothing else this is a great back shot XD

Photo by my mommy X3
  • HollyHaven That looks amazing, did you use a reference for the back? 13 years ago
  • Amiya Pretty! Love the details! 14 years ago
  • YueYing I like the detailed work. 14 years ago
  • Ikari Gendo awesome detail! 14 years ago
  • R1KKu Wow! Love the detail work and that color on the coat. 14 years ago
  • benihime lolz. it's mokona that has the 101 secret technqiues. not fai :( 14 years ago
  • Sleepsong Awesome! A incredible photo~ The coat is such beautiful *____~ 14 years ago
  • Baron Very impressive detailing on the coat! 14 years ago